Uncle Frank's Engines

Fast, Dependable and Championship Winning!

At Uncle Frank's, we take horsepower seriously! Whether you need a rookie engine, a "Flat Head Stocker" or a Briggs animal fire breather - We've got you covered!

Blue wazoom! For the ultimate in durability and power, we've built these engines to go places.

Our races have thousands of wins in all levels of competition!

Every Uncle Frank's engine is comprehensively tested on the dyno. We tweak and tune every engine we build to make sure we get the best power out of the engine combination for our racers. No engine leaves before it passes our tests.

Engines also include exhaust system, throttle linkage kit, engine manual, recoil starter and Uncle Frank's T-Shirt.

Many different Engine packages available, contact us for your specific class or division needs not shown.

We also can build engines for custom applications and other racing needs contact us with your requests!

Engine Classes

  • Dual Bearing National Engine (Sleeved) JR1 - JR2 - Adult Stock
  • Single Bearing National Engine JR1 - JR2 - Adult Stock
  • Limited Modified (Dual Bearing)
  • Pro Gas Engine
  • Dual Bearing National Engine JR1 - JR2 - Adult Stock
  • Super Stock (Dual Bearing)
  • Animal (Jr, Adult Stock)
  • Blue Wazoom

Engine Rebuilds

We do rebuilds on other engines as well, not just our own!

We carefully inspect each component that goes back into an engine we are rebuilding. No matter who built your engine, we can make it even better!

The price of engine rebuilds will very with each engine. It is best to call to get an accurate estimate.

Please do not send fuel, oil, clutch, engine mount, exhaust systems, air filter, chain guide and header brackets. These items are not needed for engine rebuilds and are often difficult to keep track of.

*All Uncle Frank's Gas Engines are less muffler/header assembly and engine dyno.

Machine Services

Machine Services: We offer all the standard machine services racers need today. We go a step further and also offer custom machine services for those running something different than the norm!

  • Dyno Engine
  • Hone Block
  • Weld Lifter Bore
  • Blue Print Carb
  • Flow Carb
  • Line Bore Block
  • Cut Head
  • Deck Block

*Custom Engine Services also available. Call us for specific information.